The Allergy Free Wife’s Bite-Sized Guide: New York City

Prior to my gluten intolerance, eating at restaurants was a regular occurrence for me. When dining with my husband, we’d casually mention his allergies and hope that the server took us seriously, but wouldn’t think twice after mentioning his allergy. Then everything changed. During a normal dinner out, we had a  terrifying encounter at one of our favorite restaurants where pine nuts were added into in a dish we didn’t expect them to be present in. We had to go to the hospital, and it was a nerve wracking experience for everyone involved. After this incident I felt a new level of anxiousness about dining out, for fear of my husband’s life.

However, living in fear is no way to live at all, especially in a city like New York City, which is brimming with incredible restaurants. Determined to not be restricted by my gluten intolerance, and his allergies, I’ve found quite a few spots that are not only safe to eat at, but go out of their way to accommodate those with food allergies. My quest continues daily, please be sure to check back as I add new eateries catering to those with food allergies in NYC. Please note that while some of these establishments offer nut-free, gluten-free, dairy-free options, their menu is subject to change and it’s always important to inform your server about your allergies before ordering.

The Allergy Free Wife’s Quick & Easy Guide to Cooking While Traveling

Earlier this week I posted my top ten tips to traveling safely with food allergies. My husband and I are huge travelers, we don’t let his food allergies and my intolerances limit our abilities to see the world. What we have discovered is that while we love to eat in restaurants, and can safely in many places, we’ve had a few scary incidents (nuts in pesto on our honeymoon) that really put a damper on our trip to put it mildly. As a rule we almost always stay in self-catering establishments where we can cook our own food. We prefer apartments or houses over kitchenettes as we enjoy cooking, and not only do we know all the ingredients that go into what we’re eating, but it makes us feel like we’re locals. We’ve come up with a few items we always travel with that make cooking at our vacation rental ten times easier, and more delicious!

Holiday Travel with Food Allergies: Solved!

One of my top reasons for starting The Allergy Free Wife was my love of travel, specifically to remote parts of the globe. I’ll travel anywhere, near or far, I love seeing new places and experiencing different locales not as a tourist, but as a local. Dealing with my husband’s food allergy and my own restrictions has presented a challenge, but I’ve learned a lot along the way! I wanted to share my findings with others, and create a resource for the best tips and tricks for traveling with a food allergy. As the holiday season gears into full swing, many of us with food allergies will be traveling and will be taken out of our comfort zones, into places that are unknown and could potentially be scary. There’s often quite a bit of fear about how to manage a food allergy in a foreign location. I’m here to help!

Prior to my gluten intolerance and marrying somewhere with a tree nut and peanut allergy, I never thought twice before booking a trip. Now, it requires much more research and planning ahead. Through trial and error, I’ve narrowed down a few vital tips that keep me and my husband safe while we continue to travel around the globe. 

To date, we’ve been to every continent with the exception of Antarctica (although it’s on our list)! From Asia to Africa to South America to Australia I feel lucky to have visited incredible destinations and managed to stay (pretty healthy). There have been a few bumps along the way (those stories to come later), but we made it! Below are my top ten tips for traveling safely with food allergies.